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  Free-Backgrounds.Com FAQ

Are you curious as to how to use the free backgrounds you find here? If so, you have come to the right place. Below are detailed instructions on downloading, uploading, and coding your HTML so that you can use the awesome free backgrounds you find here at Free-Backgrounds.Com.

To download a free background you need to do the following:

  • Click on the thumbnail of the free background you want.
  • Click the right mouse button anywhere on the background.
  • Select "Save Background As..."
  • Locate the directory you want to save the background in and give the background a name (eg. background.gif)
  • Click "Save"

You are now ready to upload your free background to your web server.
  • Connect to your web site host via FTP or the web.
  • Go to the directory on your computer where you saved the background.gif and highlight that file.
  • Upload the file to your web site host. Make sure to note what directory you save it to on your web site hosts server.

HTML Coding
Below is some sample HTML code to help illustrate how to use the free background you just finished downloading from our site and uploading to your web site host.

<title>Your Web Site Title</title>
<body background="background.gif">
The text of your web site.

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